This durable, ultra-thin, lightweight Flat-panel detection system is the best affordable choice for superior image quality.

 edge-FS is the latest in innovative cassette sized flat panel technology. The durable, ultra-thin, and light weight design makes it the most ideal 14”x17” flat panel detector. Edge FS series are designed to be compatible with any X-ray systems, ISO 4090-compliant 35 x 43cm X-ray cassettes. Whether moving from film or CR to digital radiography or installing a new DR system, edge-FS is your best choice with superior image quality.

 Advanced Technology

A combination of propriety TFT glass paired with high quality scintillators deliver 127 μm and 3.9lp/mm resolution. Through our Giga-bite Ethernet interface, images can be viewed in as little as 2 seconds, which in turn decreases the length of exams while improving patient comfort. Without the requirement of a generator interface, installations takes less than an hour. More importantly, edge-FS series delivers top level performance at an economical price point.

 Flexibility, Portablity & Versatility

edge-FS series provides the ultimate solution when it is being used on tabletop, in table bucky and in stand bucky and used any kinds of radiography system. It uses auto-trigger sensing technology that does not require any integration into any X-ray generator. This advanced auto-trigger technology is an ideal solution for both fixed and mobile X-ray systems.






•       Grid
•       Protector

Equipment Component

•       Flat-panel Detector
•       Work Station


•       Single System, Multiple Result
•       High resolution Flat Panel Detector
•       Ease of Use
•       Fast image acquisition
•       PACS connectivity with DICOM 3.0

 osko certifications