This cassette type detector with its minimized dead space design helps users digitalize pictures of large areas without any difficulty.

edge-SS series give users the opportunity to experience true flat panel digital imaging technology without any modifications to X-ray equipment. By having the same 15mm thickness as a traditional film screen cassettes. This lightweight detector fits for any existing standard cassette trays and allows you to have an easy step into digital. Besides, its advanced auto-trigger technology eliminates the integration with any X-ray generator. edge-SS is an universal and economical solution designed for any X-ray department’s needs.

Improved workflow through immediate image capture

Image preview time is only 3 seconds and helps to get a final patient position easily with a communication of patient. Then, edge-SS will makes more patients to have better patient care by minimizing dose.

Wide Image Area

17” x 17”, wide detection area covers the most ROI(Region of Interest) of patients and eliminate the dead space. It also allows for high throughput workflow without the detector rotation.



•       Grid
•       Protector

Equipment Component

•       Flat-panel Detector
•       Work Station


•       Single System, Multiple Result
•       High resolution Flat Panel Detector
•       Ease of Use
•       Fast image acquisition
•       PACS connectivity with DICOM 3.0

 osko certifications