Elian is multi-purposes DR system with a single detector. Motorized U-arm geometry maximizes efficiency and its flexibility makes the system ideal for general radiographic procedures.

This system is the most convenient universal swivel arm X-ray system designed for use in hospital emergency departments, orthopedic clinics and all other general radiography applications.
It’s flexibility makes the system ideal for all patients in standing, sitting or lying position, including those who are disabled or physically restricted with/without a mobile table.

The system provides a user-friendly control panel, with a very simple user interface based on a digital 8” Touch Screen with multi-functional activation button, while an advanced AEC system grants the delivery of an appropriate dose to any patient. It can be easily installed even in narrow spaces and its hardware doesn’t need any extra room thanks to the compact control cabinet, yet can be integrated with a choice of mobile tables, standard or elevating.






•       40kW / 500mA / 125kV
•       50kW / 630mA / 150kV
•       80kW / 1000mA / 150kV
•       AEC
•       Motorized Collimator

Equipment Component

•       U-arm type X-Ray system
•       High Frequency Generator
•       Mobile Table
•       Work Station with HD Monitor


•       Single System, Multiple Result
•       High resolution Flat Panel Detector
•       Ease of Use
•       Fast image acquisition
•       PACS connectivity with DICOM 3.0

 osko certifications