XR5 is your perfect beginning of digital radiography system with the most affordable price.

XR5 is very familiar convention DR solution working with our Edge series (Wired & Wireless FPD) and Flugel user intuitive image acquisition and post-processing software.
Beginning into Digital: Compact and cost effective system with minimal space.
Beginning of throughput workflow: High Quality & reliable image output makes you to reduce diagnostic time for patient with an easy operating procedure.
Beginning of quality patient care: Offering the wide spectrum of clinical application with a digital image but minimal X-ray dose.

Stay affordable

 XR5 itself is very affordable conventional X-ray with modern design and easy upgrade-ready for OSKO’s advance digital solution which is Edge series, Flat Panel upgrade package.  

With Edge series DR upgrade package, it meets all your need for a small space and affordable investment in productivity and also eliminate your continuous cost for film & CR.



•       Power output[KW]High Frequency Generator

•      Power output[KW]       50KW
•      Input power           220/208/230/240 V3~, 3Ø 50/60HZ
•      KVP Step               40 to 150
•      mA Step               10~800mA
•      mAs                   0.4 ~800mAs
•      Time                   1ms ~ 5sec [0.1 step]

Equipment Component

•       Four-Way Table
•       Tube stand
•       Tube stand rail
•       Bucky stand
•       OP Console


•       60 cm lateral movement table bucky tray
•       Free-lock handlebar movement by sensor
•       Easy digitalizing with EDGE SERIES (Optional)

 Table Bucky Tray Moving Distance


XR5's table bucky tray travels longer distance than traditional analog design, it gives you faster exam procedure by minimal patient movement.

 osko certifications