The new Flat-panel Digital X-Ray, providing wireless High Definition Image Quality for all the general Radiographic purposes.

edge-FSAir, wireless digital detector is very convenient to use with any X-ray systems due to the size, thickness and ergonomically designed handle of this model.
In addition, the detector allows you to use a battery continuously with the additional battery charged.


edge-fsair-battery-osko•   Rechargeable while in use (2 ways of charging)
•   Easily replaced (interchangeable)
•   Charging time: <3hrs
•   Operation Time: 960 shots/4hrs

Wireless Technology

edge-FSAir wireless detector realizes a new level of freedom and immediacy for diagnosis in the X-ray room and beyond. Thin, lightweight and robust, wireless technology offers true portability and flexibility. It is the ideal portable solution for a faster, more streamlined approach to direct, high-quality digital radiography.



•       Grid
•       Protector

Equipment Component

•       Flat-panel Detector
•       Work Station


•       Single System, Multiple Result
•       High resolution Flat Panel Detector
•       Ease of Use
•       Fast image acquisition
•       PACS connectivity with DICOM 3.0

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